LED Interior and License Plate Lights Kit 2011-2015 Odyssey (11 pcs)


SMD LED Interior and License Plate Lights Kit 2011-2015 Odyssey

11 pcs kit

LED Front Map Lights x 2

LED Dome Lights x 4

LED Door Lights x 2

LED Cargo Light x 1

LED License Plate Lights x 2

LED are polarity specific, if it does not turn on after install, please reverse the polarity by turning the bulb around.

LED stands for "Light-emitting-diode", they are light emitting diode that require less energy than your conventional incandescent bulbs, not only it draw less power, it also produce less heat. 

There are a few advantages of upgrading your factory interior light bulbs with these LED units.  Comparing to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs produce more with less power,  produce less heat, they also have higher light output and give you a better visibility.  

With incandescent bulbs, If you had left your dome light on by accident and left it on overnight, depending on the age/condition of your car battery, chances are by the time you wake up the next morning to go to work or school, there is a good chance that your car battery is already drained from leaving the incandescent dome light on.  But with LED bulbs, since they draw a lot less power, there is a very good chance that your car battery is still able to start your car to go to work/school.   

Here is another scenario that our customer had shared with us.  It happened during summer in Dallas Texas.  He was so tired from work that he had forgot to close his car door all the way, leaving his dome light and courtesy light on, about 6 hours later when he was about to leave for work, he found that the lens of his courtesy light had melted from the inside and his car battery was dead.  

So with all of the advantage and improvement that LED light bulb can offer, why not ditch your incandescent bulbs and upgrade to this LED Interior Light kit for your Honda Odyssey 2005-2011


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