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9005/9006 HID Relay Harness Kit

9005/9006 HID Relay Harness Kit

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HID relay harness for 9005 or 9006 HID Kit

What is a HID relay and harness kit? 

The HID relay and harness kit allows your HID kit to draw power directly from the battery to the HID, instead of using your headlight plugs on your factory harness as a power source, your factory harness then becomes a power signal to turn on and off the HID kit.

Why do I need this harness? 

On many domestic applications, or older domestic and import applications, they often do not provide enough voltage to ignite the HID kit. By using a HID relay harness kit, this will ensure enough voltage is going to your HID kit so that it can ignite properly.  

If you HID kit requires more than one try to turn on, chances are your factory headlight harness aren't providing enough voltage to your HID kit, and this harness may be your solution, assuming that your HID bulbs or ballast are not defective. 

Vehicles that usually require HID Relay Harness: 

Ford F-150

Hydundai, Kia

Older model Ford, Chevy, and Dodge

Older model Toyota (known for only 1 side of the HID bulb to ignite)


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