31mm DE3175 DE3022 SMD LED Light Bulb (6K White)


Size: 31mm

Replacement for DE3175 DE3022

LED Chip Type: SMD

Color Temperature: 6K (White)

The DE3175 DE3022 are often used as dome light on many Japanese vehicles from the 90s to late 2010s.  (Accord Camry CRV Civics TL TSX and many more)

There are a lot of LED bulb on the internet, some of them will sell you LED bulb as cheap as $1.00 each.  But not all SMD LEDs are made the same, the quality of the SMD LED chips play a big part in the brightness and life span of the LED.  We use only high quality SMD LED chip in our 31mm SMD LED Bulb to ensure a long life span and maximum output. 

Unlike halogen bulb that allow current to flow in both direction can be installed in either direction, LED bulb is polarity specific, the current only flow in one direction (unless other wise stated), the + and - end of the bulb has to be installed to its specific position. If the bulb does not turn on, please reverse the polarity by turning the bulb around in order to swap the position of the + and -

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