194 168 158 2825 LED SS Chip Bulbs White Pair


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194 168 Wedge LED bulbs

Replace OEM Part # 194, 168, 158, 2825, 921

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These LED bulbs w/ SS chips are ideal for reverse lights and pick up truck rear cargo lights.  

What is LED? 

LED stands for "Light-emitting-diode", it is a semiconductor device with two terminals, typically it only allows current to flow in one direction, therefore they are polarity specific. Unlike incandescent bulbs that are used on most vehicles, LED's do not have a filament that produces both heat and light, instead it has electrons that flow to create photons, which generate very low heat. LED's use much less energy to create an increased amount of brightness compared to incandescent lights, and last longer.

Why upgrade to LED?

TheLEDstation SS Chip LED Light bulbs for 194 168 sockets are a direct replacement for your OE incandescent bulbs.  OE incandescent bulbs are orange/yellow in color, generates excess amount of heat when turned on for an extended period of time versus its LED counter part, which has a modern white color, produce less heat and draw less power than incandescent.  Not only that it looks great compare to the OE incandescent, if you had left your interior lights on by accident, the OE incandescent bulbs have a greater chance to melt your interior light lens and drain your battery comparing to the LED. 

Installation note:

LEDs are polarity specific, if it does not on after install, please reverse the polarity by turning the bulb around.

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