Oracle V-2.0 ColorSHIFT LED Controller


The ColorSHIFT 2.0 LED Controller has several advantages over the previous version. This new controller can be programmed by the operator for an almost endless number of colors and functions that the user can design and save on the units memory. Another major change to this new unit is that the box itself has a controller as well as a wireless infrared remote control. There is also a LED indicator on the unit that shows the operator what color the LEDs are set on at that time. Our new 2.0 controller also has twice the output and expandability as the previous version with 18A capacity which can power twice as many lights from this single box.

Note* Controller must be mounted inside of the vehicle’s cabin.

Product Specs:
• Over a Dozen Unique Pre-Programmed Color Patterns
• Precisely "Dial-in" the exact color LED the user desires.
• LED Preview Window Integrated into the Control Box
• 8 Memory Preset Slots to Save your Favorite Colors
• Powerful 18A Output (6A x 3CH) @12VDC
• Works with all RGB LEDs
• Includes Wireless Remote
• Includes Infrared Repeater
• Pre-Programmed Features
• 1 Year Warranty