Oracle Underbody Wheel Well Rock LED Light Kit - White 4PCS - 5000K


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Oracle LED Wheel Well Light Kit aka LED Rock Light

Number of Lights: 4

Product placement: Wheel Well or under body. 

Color Temperature: 5000K White

The LED Wheel Well Light Kit by Oracle are super durable and intensely bright.  This Wheel Well Light Kit feature over 2,400 Lumens of output (brighter than most headlights).  Each light has a sturdy housings that withstand any terrain you put them through on the streets or off-road.   The rock lights are easily install for applications on trucks, Jeeps, trailers, power sport vehicles, and more. 

Oracle used quality Cree XQ-Eare chips and expertly-engineered components in this kit, each kit includes 4 intensely bright white rock lights in a kit for the same price as other brands who charge up to $100 per light. Get the same brightness and quality for a fraction of the price with ORACLE Lighting underbody LED rock lights!


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