Installation Note

Always install the LED bulb with the power source off, to prevent blowing fuse, or grounding out the LED bulb itself, especially bulbs with metal housing.

LEDs are polarity specific: Unlike regular halogen bulb, LED bulbs are polarity specific, If the bulb fail to light up after installation, please turn off the switch that controls that particular bulb, take the bulb out, turn the bulb 180 degree (switch the polarity + / -) and reinstall the bulb, the polarity is often reversed.

Brake light and turn signal light: some LED such as the turn signal lights and brake lights may require a load resistor in the circuit to provide enough or a specific current flow to satisfy the lighting controller in your vehicle's electrical system.

194/168 peanut type wedge bulb: if you have proceed the switching polarity procedure, and the light still fail to come on, please check the two connecting pins at the bottom against the bulb socket, sometime the pins maybe sitting too far in, and not making proper contact with the bulb socket, the pins may need to be pulled out slightly for better connection.

3175, 3022, 3021 type bulb: especially the 4-SMD model of the 3175, sometime these bulbs are a very tight fit in the dome light sockets, please both side at the same time for easier fitment. 

Note on bulbs with metal housing: such as 3175, 3021, 3022, 36mm, 39mm High Power LED, please be really careful during installation, if the dome light switch is at on position, or your door is open, you can easily ground out and burn the LED bulb by grounding out the positive and negative on the metal housing.  Please make sure the + and - socket in the dome light housing are not touching the mid housing on the 3175 bulb, there is two rubber ring on each side of the 3175 bulb housing to prevent that from happening.

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